Season Tickets

  1. 1. The Downend Car Park Season Ticket is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase. Parking is subject to availability of spaces and there is no guarantee of a space at any time. All vehicles are to be in a roadworthy condition and be fully insured and have a current MOT whilst on the Downend Car Park. All Registration Number Plates must conform to DVLA requirements and be positioned correctly and be made of the correct reflective material.
  2. No season ticket holder may leave their vehicle overnight unless they have notified us of a breakdown or emergency situation. There is a no overnight parking policy between 12 o’clock midnight and 5 AM.
  3. The private car park system is managed by Total Parking Solutions (TPS). View their Privacy Policy and GDPR Compliance Statement here.
  4. Downend Car Park Ltd accept no liability for ANY loss or damage to a vehicle or it’s contents while in the car park.
  5. Vehicles must park so as NOT to obstruct other users or exits or entrances and adhere to parking reasonably and sensibly at all times and occasionally as directed by the car park stewards.
  6. Season ticket holders passes are only valid in the main car park and rear overflow car park known as Downend Car Park and overflow car park. The season ticket is NOT valid anywhere else.
  7. Should you change your vehicle, we all do at some point, it will be your responsibility to change your registration number plate on your details within the TPS management system. If you fail to carry out any amendments you will potentially be issued a penalty notice.
  8. Season tickets are for individual locals only. When applying for a season ticket, you will be asked to show your V5 Vehicle Registration form (‘logbook’) to prove you live within the EX area.
  9. Season tickets are for the use of private individuals only.
  10. Commercial season tickets are available, but at the discretion of Downend Car Park Ltd. A commercial season ticket is defined as a local business using the facilities for the benefit of their business. A commercial season ticket will cost more than an individual season ticket and will only be available as a single commercial season ticket i.e. no access to an ‘add on’ permit.
  11. Should anyone be found to be using their individual season ticket for their business they will be asked to upgrade to a commercial season ticket. Failure to co-operate will void the individual season ticket and a pro rata refund issued.
  12. All season ticket holders are asked respectfully to look after the grassed areas so that they don’t become a mud bath and unusable.